Fall Party

October 22nd, 2017 @ 6:49 pm

Another Fall Party is in the books! The usual suspects made their way over to Mema’s house with lots of food and the new addition of Soda; Mitchell and Colson’s new puppy! She’s SOOOOOOOO cute and fun to play with! We’re working on Mom and Dad to let us have a dog, but I’m not sure they’re on board with the idea…yet! Thanks to Soda for being so good and making a good impression, though! We started off the evening with some crafting of jar lanterns and personal pinatas. You know, the “girl stuff.” When it came to the “Let’s decorate pumpkins by melting wax crayons with hairdryers” I opted out and headed over to the coffin toss where I could throw things in the air and make up games on the fly. After a lot of playing with Soda, playing Frisbee with Dad, and the big kids giving the littles piggy back rides, it was getting dark and time to hang out by the camp fire. We played with tons of glow stick junk while the boring adults sat around talking and laughing really loudly. I think at one point there was conversation about Mema sabotaging the hay ride and coyotes, but I never stuck around long enough to get the whole story. It was a super fun night with lots of memories made!

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